Concierge Services

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a full-time personal assistant, or better yet, a team of assistants helping you with your day-to-day responsibilities? Our PRCC concierge services specialize in this type of support. We offer exclusive and professional services to our clients and cater to every type of need. Are you planning an extraordinary event, like a party or wedding? We have you covered, and our team will far exceed your expectations. Do you have a long list of projects around the house? We have you covered. Are you a car collector and need help maintaining or detailing your collection? We can help you. Interested in building an accessory dwelling unit or adding onto your home? PRCC can guide you through these processes. Would you like to do landscaping work, build a pool, add a tennis or pickleball court, or enhance anything else on your property? We are here for your every need. It is the PRCC way. Our goal is to seamlessly assist you, value your time, and improve all aspects of your life!

The process for beginning work with us is very simple. We begin with an introductory phone call, and then move to an in person meeting. The objective of this initial meeting is to introduce PRCC to you as a potential client and discuss your goals and objectives. From this meeting, our team will develop a scope of work, and then present you with a tailored and customized service plan. The service plan is a springboard we work from together, and can be changed or altered at any time. We want all our clients to be 100% satisfied and do not require specific contracts or obligations as we work together. You are our top priority, and we want to welcome you to the PRCC family.

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